Halong Princess Day Cruise - Experience a Diverse and Amazing Buffet on Halong Bay


  Halong Princess Day Cruise is a luxury restaurant cruise on Halong Bay, famous for its classical and traditional space. The cruise offers a unique and memorable experience for tourists, with the highlight being the diverse and excellent buffet meals.

   The buffet meal at Halong Princess Day Cruise is one of the most notable highlights of the experience on this cruise. With over 100 different dishes, it offers a rich selection and caters to diverse tastes of the guests.

Tourists will get to explore the traditional flavors of Vietnam, such as crab noodle soup, spring rolls, and various traditional cakes on this luxury cruise.

 In addition, guests also have the opportunity to experience international cuisine from Japan with sushi, sashimi, and Korean dishes such as gimbap, and seaweed soup. The skilled and experienced team of chefs ensures the quality and excellent taste of each dish.

  The buffet not only offers a variety of dishes but also emphasizes the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Guests will enjoy dishes prepared from carefully selected fresh ingredients. This ensures that the food on the cruise meets the highest standards and provides an excellent culinary experience.

  In addition, Halong Princess Day Cruise also offers unique experiences such as welcome cocktails and mocktails, along with a luxurious and traditional classical style space. Guests can relax on the top deck, visit famous landmarks in the area, and enjoy the performances of Vietnamese traditional music bands.

  Halong Princess Day Cruise is the perfect choice for those who want to explore Halong Bay and enjoy a diverse and excellent culinary experience. Let's experience the Halong Princess Day Cruise and discover the magnificent beauty of Halong Bay!