6-hour cruise to visit the Bay on Ha Long Princess Day Cruise


  Halong Princess Day Cruise is a one-day cruise itinerary that takes tourists to explore the must-visit destinations on Halong Bay. The journey starts from the Surprising Cave to the emerald island of Titop, a symbol of tourism in Quang Ninh province.

Du thuyền Hạ Long Princess Day Cruise với hải trình 6 tiếng tham quan Vịnh Hạ Long

Located on Bo Hon Island, Sửng Sốt Cave is one of the most beautiful and spacious caves in the area. It is likened to an Opera House amidst the open sea with majestic stalactites and stalagmites that have unique and distinctive shapes found nowhere else. Visitors will be immersed in the surreal space of colors and have the opportunity to admire the stone flowers, stone curtains, and stone pillars that have been formed over millions of years. The stone path around the cave stretches across various angles with hundreds of diverse and rich symbolic images.

Hang Sửng Sốt

The next destination is Ti Top Island, which features a white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters all year round. When viewed from above, the beach at Ti Top Island resembles a crescent moon embracing the island. Visitors can swim in the sea or hike to the mountaintop to observe the panoramic beauty of the area.

Đảo Titop với bãi tắm lưỡi liềm

   Hòn Trống Mái has become a symbol of tourism in Halong, hiding a legend about the beautiful human and natural values of this place. The story goes that during the early days of the Vietnamese nation, after the Mother Dragon and her Child Dragon helped the Vietnamese people fight against foreign invaders and went back to the lower world, they did not return. After waiting for a long time without seeing the dragons come back, the Jade Emperor sent a pair of roosters down to the lower world to wake the dragons up. However, the Jade Emperor mistakenly sent a pair of rooster and hen. Seeing the beautiful scenery here, they fell in love and forgot their mission, thus turning into stone without realizing it.

Hòn Gà Chọi

    The journey of enjoying and participating in various exciting activities is sure to create wonderful memories for every guest. The Halong Princess Day Cruise is ready to accompany you on this unforgettable experience!