Marriage is the most sacred and significant moment in everyone's life. Your wedding ceremony will become even more splendid when you organize it aboard the Halong Princess Day Cruise. There is nothing more enchanting than exchanging vows amidst the heart of heritage. We are ready to fulfill all decoration requests for this grand celebration. Reception, wedding ceremony, music band , food and flowers, make up, hair dressers, photography.

A memorable wedding exclusively crafted for you will be brought to life by our team of experts. Halong Princess Day Cruise will turn your dream wedding into reality right amidst the wonder of the world's natural.

If you are planning a special wedding anniversary celebration, whether it's silver, gold, diamond, or any other milestone, don't hesitate to let us know. Organizing your wedding anniversary aboard the Halong Princess Day Cruise will bring unique experiences to you. We will tailor the celebration to your own style. Our professional team is always ready to create a meaningful ceremony for you. What could be more wonderful than enjoying a romantic space together? At Halong Princess Day Cruise, you can enjoy the romantic sunset over Halong Bay and indulge in a warm dinner in the restaurant accompanied by soothing melodies. We will ensure to make your evening glamorous, just as you envision!

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